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The partners in Piping Services have experience arranging and performing in many different concerts. The arrangement of such an event includes organising the program and running order as well as setting up the venue itself.

Most of the concerts that Piping Services has been involved in have included the Williamwood Pipe Band, however occasionally other concert organisers request pipers or drummers to accompany dancers.

The PS Partners have taken part in concerts all over the world, although there is still a need to show off the local talents in and around our home country. Some of the local shows and concerts we have performed at include pipe band concerts at a local theatre, joint concerts with other organisations, held at The Royal Concert Hall and other concert venues around Glasgow, and occasional smaller groups in community centres and smaller venues.

The Williamwood Pipe Band normally organise one concert each year, around late Autumn or early Winter. This includes the full pipe band; combinations of pipers and drummers; solo piping; drum salutes; Highland or Irish dancers and occasionally invited guest performers. Previous concerts have included The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra, the East Renfrewshire Schools Orchestra, the Barrhead Burgh Band; The Auburn Singers (Barrhead); bands from the Albertslund Musikskole (Denmark), The Rogues, a Celtic group from Texas (U.S.A.) and some other local and overseas artistes.

Some of the overseas concerts include full pipe band concerts in Denmark, Germany, Spain and The Czech Republic, smaller concerts with a mini band in Australia and Chicago and some solo work within bigger concerts in Turkey, France and Italy. For details of this please visit our 'playing away' pages of this website.

The size of the audiences have varied enormously, from a few specially invited individuals, through small groups of music lovers right up to large crowds congregating in town squares, marquees and stadiums.