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Highland / Irish Dancing

Highland & Irish Dancers

Many of the commercial functions that Piping Services Scotland perform at request Dancers. Piping Services Scotland has employed the services of numerous Highland Dancers and occasional Irish Dancers, both within the UK and overseas. The organisation of various concerts over recent years has also included Highland and Irish Dancing.

The most popular arrangement is for either one or two pipers to play for one or two dancers. It is possible, however, to have more than this and we have provided troupes of up to six Highland Dancers dancing with full pipe bands.

The Partners of Piping Services Scotland have played a number of Tourist Events, normally held within a hotel for a visiting party, with Highland Dancers. The format of the evening includes some traditional dancing to the music of the bagpipes, some piping to fill in between the dances and some 'hands on' opportunities for the party guests. This can include either learning a step of the Highland Fling, or trying their hand at 'blawing up' the bagpipes.

Irish Dancing, when accompanied by the bagpipes, is still a relatively rare occurence, although the Partners of Piping Services Scotland have performed live with Irish Dancers, in concert, on a few occasions. The format of this can either be Irish Dancers dancing to the music of the bagpipes, or Irish Dancers competing in a 'stand off' with snare drummers. The latter of these was used to great effect in a concert in Spain and was commented on by many as one of the highlights of the event.